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    Think Globally -
    Live Sustainably

    At Internet Vikings we take pride in our ability to offer sustainable solutions to our global clients whilst focusing on how we can make a lasting impact on environmental protection

    Sustainability - Working towards our sustainable business

    Our Vision

    It is very important to us at Internet Vikings
    to be able to contribute to the successful
    future of our planet. Creating sustainable solutions
    within the industry has been a powerful journey
    and we are proud of the changes we have made
    and the future we are creating.

    Our Mission

    · Evaluate how we can eliminate negative
    impacts on the environment.
    · Develop business strategies based
    on environmental factors.
    · Ensure that business initiatives positively
    affect the environment.

    Our Principles for Sustainability

    Project Planet

    Internet Vikings lend their full support and volunteer to actively participate in initiatives such as Ocean Clean Up, BreakIT Challenge, Violet Hill & Co seminars, and other socio and political activities.

    Sustainable Supplier Policy

    All our suppliers are first evaluated to maintain our ‘climate-friendly’ partners policy, and if they reflect our same core standards and environmental protection, we are happy to collaborate with them.

    Shared Value Community

    As we are a global hosting provider, in all locations we strive to connect with people that share our environmental values, be they our clients or employees.

    Green Energy

    We strive to supply green energy to leave a positive impact on our environment. We have also reduced company travel to lower our carbon footprint.

    Sustainability - Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs

    Our Material SDGs

    #3 - Good Health and Well-Being -
    Value life

    We support - a non-profit initiative that coordinates private individuals, companies, and authorities to help Swedish hospitals to increase their healthcare capacities.

    #7 - Affordable and clean energy -
    Set the standard

    We constantly work towards setting the industry standard by offering our customers affordable and clean energy wherever possible.

    #9 - Leading Industry innovation in infrastructure

    To truly make a difference, you cannot only rely on your impact but rather strive to be a leader in industry innovations and inspire others to follow a similar path to sustainability. We choose to be leaders of change.

    #11 - Help make sustainable cities and communities

    Our main objective is to make a global impact by participating in various initiatives that help and support cities and communities with sustainable clean solutions in everyday life.

    #12 - Responsible consumption and production

    Safety is a top priority at Internet Vikings which is why we ensure all our operations are responsible and meet all our safety protocol standards.

    #17 - Partnership for the goals -
    Unite for a better future

    We celebrate our collaborations with other companies within the industry to achieve common environmental and sustainable goals.

    Our Journey to Sustainability

    Our goal was to achieve ISO14001 which specifies the requirements system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance. However, our journey to being global leaders and trendsetters in working towards sustainability was far more important. It became a journey for our people, a challenge to try and raise awareness and change the minds of any people who came into contact with Internet Vikings.

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    for Change

    At Internet Vikings, we take our sustainability mission even further, which is why we collaborate with partners inside and outside the industry to make the planet a better place to live. We have participated in various challenges and initiatives, proving that our efforts are making a lasting impact on our environment.

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    Change Together

    You can get involved too! Take control over your environment and change the things you care about!
    If you have an initiative you feel we need to be a part of, please get in touch with us. Together we can create a more sustainable future.

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