Internet Vikings International AB (“Internet Vikings”, “company”, “we”, “our” or “us”) believe that a holistic approach and decisive action are essential to a sustainable future.
Internet Viking’s goal is to positively shape the future through a “green” attitude in each of the company’s business processes – from providing sustainable solutions to clients worldwide to maintaining internal ‘green’ standards by our employees.


This Policy is supported by the company’s internal regulations and standards governing the processes to achieve SDGs (sustainable development goals), as well as a position statement that reflects our perspective view of the key issues we consider essential from an environmental and social standpoint.


The purpose of this Policy is to define the framework for sustainability at Internet Vikings and provide a governing platform for the company’s sustainability work in all key areas of activity, including providing services, working with suppliers, employee interaction, industry-affecting activities, etc.

Sustainability Statement

Internet Vikings recognize that awareness of sustainability issues and a comprehensive approach to addressing them today are fundamental for both a prosperous society and a successful business tomorrow. We believe companies that implement sustainable development principles in their operations and activities not only make a significant contribution to a better future for the planet and society but also have the preconditions to be more successful in the long term, and that is why we put sustainability at the center of all our business processes.

Sustainable Commitments

Internet Vikings support the following international commitments dedicated to sustainability:

As part of Internet Vikings’ commitment to sustainability, the company participates in industry initiatives dedicated to bringing awareness to these issues (refer to “Implementation”).

Objectives & Goals

An audit of Internet Vikings’ activities and processes was conducted based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors.Based on recommendations from the company’s sustainable profile analysis and taking into account the sustainable commitments made, Internet Vikings identified 6 key SDGs for achievements:

Sustainability policy - goals


On the way to achieving sustainable development goals in 2022, Internet Vikings has focused its actions on 3 main areas:

Setting Standards

Based on the company sustainability profile audit, Internet Vikings reviewed key company processes and set significant sustainability standards for them:

Sustainability Mindset

Internet Vikings believe that it’s not enough to simply create standards and that in order to change the world, we first need to change how we operate internally. By focusing on employee well-being and creating a positive work environment, Internet Vikings inspire those who work for the company to start their own sustainability journey as well.

Industry Impact

To raise awareness of sustainability issues and join forces to address them, Internet Vikings participates in the following industry initiatives:


Internet Vikings conducts an annual audit of its activities aimed at achieving the set SDGs and provides a report to management and stakeholders.

How to Contact us

If you have any questions about Internet Vikings’ sustainability policy, please do not hesitate to contact us: Internet Vikings International AB Roslagsgatan 26А, 113 55, Stockholm, Sweden

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