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As one of the largest SEO hosting providers in Europe our hosting solutions make an excellent support to your overall SEO strategy.

When you let us take care of your hosting you will always be guaranteed a solution with a diversified IP infrastructure, including unique C-class IPs. This means you will get the most efficient SEO hosting one can find on the market.

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SEO Hosting - Infrastructure

Why Internet Vikings' SEO Hosting?

Internet Vikings offers infrastructure designed specifically for the unique demands of SEO, providing dedicated IP addresses, secure hosting environments, and an array of geographically dispersed servers. This not only inhances website speed and performance but also boosts search engine rankings by signaling a strong and trustworthy online presence.


With a focus on scalability, Internet Vikings accommodates the evolving needs of your business, ensuring seamless expansion as your online footprint grows.

How SEO Hosting will boost your site:

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Diversified IPs

Regardless of what kind of solution you choose we can always serve you with a large number of unique IPs, giving you the benefit of high-quality SEO hosting. We hold about 160 000 IPs in Europe and the US with a spread in about 35 A-classes, 70 B-classes, and 1200 C-classes. The diversified IPs will make it easy to change both the IP and the geolocation of any domain, but still, keep all files on the same server.

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