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    Leading-edge solutions for managing your cloud

    Internet Vikings' VMware vCloud Director is an essential core cloud service delivery platform for Service Providers. It offers a variety of functions to take your business to new heights.

    By running several OS and application workloads from a single server, we can help you to maximize resource management and efficiency.

    With the help of VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers,
    you can set up new virtual machines (VMs) with the click of a button no matter where in the world your business is.
    Director creates a secure pool of cloud resources abstracted away from the underlying hardware that stretches across clouds and data centers.

    At Internet Vikings, we create VMware services for customers interested in having access to all these things in order to manage VMs on their own.

    Our VMware vCloud Director can be used to

    Create and manage VMs

    Create internal, routed as well as isolated networks

    Set up flexible Firewall rules and VPN connections

    Set up load balancing among the VMs, etc.

    Flexibly manage access permissions to virtual resources' pool

    Install any VMs from OS templates and upload ovf templates by the users themselves

    VMware Hosting
    in the U.S.

    The latest and greatest booming market for all things to do with online gambling, we are ahead of the pack in the U.S. with data centers active in several states with many more to come.

    VMware Hosting
    in Europe

    A reliable and well-regulated continent with great potential for the future, we have data centers in a few countries and offer two unbeatable VMware cloud packages.

    VMware Hosting
    in Malta

    Our carefully designed Basic, Standard, and Pro VMware offerings will help you to take advantage of the huge market potential in Malta, the iGaming capital of Europe.

    VMware Hosting
    in Taiwan

    Welcome to East Asia, an incredible market with no signs of slowing its rapid growth. With a data center in Taipei, we offer the finest in VMware Hosting in Asia with packages to handle your specific needs.

    VMware Hosting
    in Singapore

    Our physical presence in Singapore offers you direct access to one of the world's most significant regions, Southeast Asia. Take advantage of our premium packages for VMware Hosting in Asia, no matter the size or location of your business.

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