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Rent IP-addresses

Internet Vikings have utilized 150 000 IP-addresses all over the world for the last 10 years. This to help our customers with hosting and crawling.

We have very easy pricing for our IP-addresses. €1/IP/Month. Starting at 25 IPs for Hosting and 100 IP-addresses for our proxy solution.

IP-addresses from all countries of the world.

40 AS-numbers used for BGP announcement

IP-adresses tailored for your needs.

Contact us for IP-address As a Service

Please write your details to get more details about IP-address As A Service and our team will get back to you!


What can I use the IPs for?

You can use more or less for everything besides listed below.

Can I use the IP-addresses for crawling of Search engines?

No, we don’t allow crawling of Search engines.

How much bandwidth is included in the IP-address

20 GB per month is included

Can I use the IPs for mailing?

All Internet Vikings IP-addresses are blocked for mailing (Port 25) and we don’t allow any mailing.

How do I connect to the Proxy?

We use a standard Proxy so you can just connect to your IP-addresses