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IP-addresses for rent

The only way to acquire new IPv4-addresses at the moment is to buy them from someone who has large spare storage as they are no longer issued by the Regional Internet Registries.

We offer IP-addresses for rent. Over the last decade, Internet Vikings have utilized 150,000 IP-addresses all over the world.


Attractive prices for quality service. Our new progressive pricing system allows you to save while renting more IP-addresses!

Our offer

IP-addresses from all countries of the world

40 AS-numbers used for BGP announcement

20 GB bandwidth per month

Standard Proxy for easy connection

Want to know more?

Please, write your details and our team will contact you soon!


What can I use the IPs for?

You can use more or less for everything besides listed below.

Can I use the IP-addresses for crawling of Search engines?

No, we don’t allow crawling of Search engines.

How much bandwidth is included in the IP-address

20 GB per month is included

Can I use the IPs for mailing?

All Internet Vikings IP-addresses are blocked for mailing (Port 25) and we don’t allow any mailing.

How do I connect to the Proxy?

We use a standard Proxy so you can just connect to your IP-addresses