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    Welcome to Malta - the iGaming hotspot of Europe. Internet Vikings' MGA-compliant replication server will keep your data stored in a secure facility with a monitored environment, ensuring 24/7 operation and service availability.


    Internet Vikings is fully compliant with the following MGA
    (Malta Gaming Authority) regulations:

    · A forensic live copy of the players' database located in Malta
    · A financial transaction database and gaming transaction log database located in Malta
    · An ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate for Information Security Management System

    Internet Vikings Premium Hosting Provider

    Members of iGEN (iGaming European Network)

    Internet Vikings are proud members of iGEN, a not-for-profit organization set up to represent iGaming based in Malta, operating in international markets

    Stress-free Hardware

    With Internet Vikings you don't have to worry about investing in hardware in Malta - we'll take care of that so you can focus on business efficiency

    Clear Cost VPN

    Internet Vikings offers clear prices for VPN to your main data center from wherever you are in the world

    Rapid and Reliable Support

    Benefit from NOC support and 24/7 customer care with experts who treat every query and customer as a priority

    Vikings VMware Cloud

    € 385

    per month

    • CPU: 1 core

    • RAM: 1 GB

    • Storage: 220 GB SSD / month

    • VPN includes 1 s2s

    • account for 1 client

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      Vikings VMware Cloud

      € 945

      per month

      • CPU: 4 cores

      • RAM: 8 GB

      • Storage: 500 GB SSD / month

      • VPN includes 2 s2s

      • account for 5 clients

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        Vikings VMware Cloud

        € 1,705

        per month

        • CPU: 8 cores

        • RAM: 16 GB

        • Storage: 1TB SSD / month

        • VPN includes 5 s2s

        • account for 10 clients

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          Bandwidth is delivered on a dedicated 1 Gbps connection

          Commit price: € 55/Mbps
          Burst price: € 85/Mbps

          Why should I choose Internet Vikings in Malta?

          Internet Vikings is a premium provider of hosting boasting the biggest domain registrar within the iGaming industry plus a secure and reliable presence in Malta.

          How does Internet Vikings protect my data?

          With our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification which meets the highest international standards.

          What exactly does iGEN do?

          Partnered with Internet Vikings, the iGaming European Network works on initiatives and addresses issues to promote positive change in the iGaming industry.

          What makes Malta "the gaming capital of Europe"?

          Malta is the first EU Member State to legislate remote gaming, it has risen to fame as one of the foremost tried and tested jurisdictions in the world.

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