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We aim at being your one-stop-shop for professional services within SEO domain names, SEO hosting, content sites and brand protection. We have been in business since 2009 and we are continuously improving our services to meet the requirements of the changing market.

Currently we are 40 employees located in Sweden, Ukraine, Malta and Israel, serving customers all over the world to help them improve their SEO strategy.


  • Hosting based on open source solutions
  • VPS:s and dedicated servers with a large number of IP:s
  • The largest SEO hosting provider in Europe

SEO Domain names

  • Great SEO Domain names with strong SEO metrics
  • SEO Domain names are manually checked and compiled in our tool Marketplace
  • Our SEO Domain names cover more than 60 countries

Content sites

  • High quality web sites with unique content and layout
  • Professional design, relevant content and natural link context
  • Native content in over 50 languages
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