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Our Journey to Sustainability

We at Internet Vikings take our commitment to sustainability a step further, which is why we work with partners both inside and outside of the sector to improve the quality of life on Earth to hopefully act as the “missing piece of the puzzle” in the global effort to protect the future of our beautiful planet.

Breakit Challenge

The Breakit Challenge is a bootcamp for companies who want to make a start at being more sustainable and it guides you to make important decisions and adjustments to policies.
We completed a 5-week program during which we were asked questions on how we could make our business sustainable, as a team we answered these questions and reflected on which actions would be most beneficial and effective, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint immediately.

Collaborating for Change - BreakitIT

Save our Oceans - Beach Clean-up

Our team in Malta has participated in numerous beach clean-ups where we collect all rubbish, big and small.
Our team filled bags and bags of trash, making the beaches a safer place for people and animals.

Collaborating for Change - Beach Clean-up​ - Internet Vikings

Change Together

You can get involved too! Take control over your environment and change the things you care about!

If you have an initiative you feel we need to be a part of, please get in touch with us. Together we can create a more sustainable future.


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