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Our Journey to Sustainability

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    Humanitarian Mindset

    Our goal of sustainability has proved exciting and inspiring.
    During our journey to sustainability, the realization that the driving force was no longer our ISO14001 certificate but rather achieving sustainability for global impact and for everyone connected to Internet Vikings.
    We believed that to change the world we first had to change the way we did things internally, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

    Thoughtful Energy

    During our Breakit Challenge, we analyzed our office energy consumption and identified our ‘energy culprits’. We then advanced our investigation to determine whether our employees were in workspaces that suited them.
    As a team, we decided to make the change, the change that meant we would now only use green energy.

    Our Super Suppliers

    Sustainability isn’t just recycling.
    It is a behavioral change. It is a choice to change daily habits that will ultimately make a difference.
    At the Internet Vikings Stockholm office, our supplier has a “Bra Miljöval” certification and our biggest supplier of network services and collocation uses 100% renewable energy. We rake this very seriously at Internet Vikings and our suppliers go through multiple checks to make sure they meet our sustainability standards.

    for Jet Setters

    Our travel policy takes into account the total environmental impact. At Internet Vikings we have removed all unnecessary air travel and agree to pay climate compensation when we travel with Scandinavian airlines. All our business travel should be planned in a way that minimizes impact on our environment.

    Change together

    You can get involved too! Take control over your environment and change the things you care about!
    If you have an initiative you feel we need to be a part of, please get in touch with us. Together we can create a more sustainable future.

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