Webinar - Take the Lead in the USA iGaming Market

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The U.S. is a complex and relatively unexplored iGaming territory with its very own nuances and specifics that have to be taken into consideration if you want your business to flourish in the American gambling industry. Thus, your U.S. entry strategy will predetermine whether your venture is has a good chance of being successful or is bound to fail. That is why where our experts Elena Kvakova and Jesper Kärrbrink will share with you everything you need to know about the newly-established U.S. iGaming market.

What you will Learn


How to enter the U.S. as an iGaming B2B supplier​ - Take the Lead in the U.S. iGaming Market - Jesper Kärrbrink

Jesper Kärrbrink

Co-founder and Creative Director at Green Jade Games

Jesper is one of the pioneers of the iGaming industry, who also has a background in e-commerce and media. Since 1993, he has been the CEO of several companies, including Svenska Spel and Mr. Green. In 2017 he founded the gaming studio, Green Jade Games. He has also been a member of a number of boards and is the co-author of three books.

How to Fast Track to Success in the U.S. iGaming Market - Take the Lead in the U.S. iGaming Market - Elena Kvakova

Elena Kvakova

Head of U.S. Market at Internet Vikings

A recent addition to the Internet Vikings team and based in New York, Elena has a decade of working in the U.S. market under her belt. As a Business Development and Operational leader in different industries, including hosting and domain names services, she leaves no rock unturned in the pursuit of new opportunities and partnerships.

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