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Hosting support

As a premium hosting provider, we are dedicated to providing premium support to all our customers. Everyone knows that there can be problems with servers, for example, due to hardware issues. The key to being a premium hosting provider is how issues are handled and solved.

Our founders have worked for the last 15 years with premium hosting with the mission to provide the best support to our customers.
We have dedicated people handling our customer requests, on a 24/7 basis as well as during regular business hours.

Our support team has experts from all areas that we cover, from WordPress to Linux and from container hosting to HA-clusters. We handle all cases and we will not leave before your servers have been fixed.

24/7 Support for our Extended SLA customers

Cloud DevOps available for scalability help

Senior domain experts to help you with your domain questions

Experienced Linux Technicians that can help you with your questions directly

Göran, our support manager, will together with his team create a great supportive environment if there are any issues.

Finance support

If you have questions regarding your invoices or payments, please contact our finance support
+46 8 441 44 99