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These general terms and conditions apply to the relationship between Internet Vikings International AB and the User (Users) of (Service)

1. About the Service

The Service is provided by Internet Vikings International AB and is an online service that sells domains, registration and administration of domain names. Domains that can be bought through this Service can be newly registered domain names or existing domain names.

The domains that are ordered/bought are specified in the order confirmation and/or payment statement depending on the online purchase made through the Service.

The User accepts that Internet Vikings International AB may use subcontractors to provide the Service and any additional services.

In the case where a Registry requires Internet Vikings International AB to register as administrative, technical and/or billing contact for a domain Internet Vikings International AB has the right to do so.

A newly registered domain can be moved from Internet Vikings International AB no earlier than 60 days after the date of registration unless otherwise specified in a specific registry.

In cases where a specific TLD requires a local person to register for a domain name, the User will authorize Internet Vikings International AB in the agreement to arrange such a local contact for the client, connected to the specific domain being bought.

By using this Service to buy domain names, the User agrees to the terms and conditions that from one time to another may be applicable for the respective Registry.

Additional products

Internet Vikings International AB may at any time offer both its own and third party additional products, promotional products and products from partners. Examples of this, but not exclusive, are:

  1. A Domain Holding

    A Domain Holding is a third party product A User who chooses to add the product Domain Holding to a domain, approve in the agreement when buying the additional product, that Internet Vikings International AB is authorized, without compensation, to relinquish ownership rights and add an external third party owner to the domain. Internet Vikings International AB has no formal control or ability to influence the relationship between the User and a third party, which means the relationship is completely separate from the relationship between the User and Internet Vikings International AB. This also means that Internet Vikings International AB is not liable for any of the third party’s actions, ownership structure, financial status, rights, duties or any other conditions that may directly or indirectly affect the ownership rights.

    Furthermore, Internet Vikings International AB is not liable for any decisions made by e.g. a Registry or government authority, nor will Internet Vikings International AB suffer any effect or consequence related to the User’s domain with the additional product Domain Holding.

    A User cannot switch a registrar of a domain to which they do not have the ownership rights.

    Internet Vikings International AB shall, without exception and without any restrictions regarding reason, size, nature or time frame, be exempt from any consequences, demands or decisions related to the User’s relationship to, and use of, any third party for Domain Holding.

  2. Restoration of a domain after (a redemption period)

Given the different procedures and rules for a domain’s redemption period, certain domains may be restored after the onset of the redemption period. Such a restoration bears a cost for the User that is indicated on the order confirmation and/or invoice.

Support regarding the service is provided free of charge by email and/or via the Internet Vikings International AB website/customer service.

2. Price

Becoming a member and User of the Service costs nothing unless otherwise stipulated. The price for each domain and/or any additional products is specified by the Service and presented in connection with each respective domain and/or additional product on the order confirmation and/or invoice.

The price for a domain may be based on its availability and therefore change over time.

3. Transfer of a domain to another registrar

Transferring domains is regulated by the respective registry, wherein the User must always take into account any specific conditions for the current registry in the case of a transfer of a domain to another registrar.

4. Renewal of a domain

The User is responsible for renewal of a domain. The price of a renewal of a domain varies between the different TLDs (Top Level Domains). Internet Vikings International AB has, regardless of the reason, no responsibility for the renewal, and shall in all cases be exempt from liability if the User for some reason fails to renew a domain. Even when the Service has automated reminders for the Users that a renewal is needed, it is incumbent upon the User to constantly stay aware of the domains that require renewal.

5. A domain’s previous content

Internet Vikings International AB disclaims all liability regarding a domain’s current or previous content, and a User that buys a domain through the Service must always keep Internet Vikings International AB exempt from liability in case of any disputes, claims or otherwise, concerning a domain’s history, links, content, name or other attributes or connections.

6. Payments

All payments shall be made by credit card. No domains or additional products shall be delivered to the User before full payment has been made.

Any transaction costs from a card company and/or a card-paying supplier, arising from the completion of a purchase, are paid by Internet Vikings International AB unless otherwise specified in connection with the purchase.

Any transaction costs and/or additional charges arising from an improper purchase, withdrawal, insufficient credit, or another form of reimbursement shall always be paid by the User.

7. Shut down of the Service

A User who in any way abuses the service may at any time find their membership, account or service shut down. A shut down may occur without warning and without any notification to the User. A shut down which is a result of a suspected violation of the law can result in Internet Vikings disclosing information about the User and the abuse which occurred to the police or other legal authority or agency.

Regardless of the reason for the shutdown, a User cannot insist on any form of damages or other reimbursement or compensation from Internet Vikings International AB.

8. Availability of the Service

Internet Vikings International AB’s goal is for the Service to be able to be accessed and used with any type of hardware (eg, PC, tablet, mobile). The Service may at one time or another be shut down for one or more users. Downtime may be planned or unplanned. Internet Vikings International AB strives to minimize the downtime of the Service but can never guarantee total/constant availability. No form of downtime can be the basis for some form of reimbursement or compensation to the User.

9. Cookies

There are two types of cookies, one for visitor’s statistics and other ones that are stored on your computer. The Service uses this type of cookie to be able to recognize you the next time you visit the website. You will also experience faster web browsing the next time you visit the Service. The other type is session cookies, which are exchanged between the computer and the server in order to connect information. These are temporarily stored on your computer and disappear as soon as you close your browser. You can always disable the cookies in the preferences menu of your browser. If you choose to disable cookies, Internet Vikings cannot ensure that the site will function properly and/or optimally.

10. Privacy Policy

As a User, you generate certain information. You accept that Internet Vikings International AB stores and uses this information to fulfill its commitments to you as a user of information and to receive support related to the Service and its products. Personal data may be disclosed to other companies collaborating with Internet Vikings International AB. All personal information is treated with as much confidentiality and care as possible. Under the Personal Information Act (PUL), you have the right to access the information we have stored on file about you. You may, at any time, request in writing that Internet Vikings International AB disclose to you the information we have on file about you. If you feel that any information is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to ensure that the information is changed. For questions regarding personal information, please contact Internet Vikings International AB, Sveavägen 33, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden. All payment transactions are sent through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and are encrypted, which provides excellent security.

Subscribers of Internet Vikings hosting services are prohibited from posting or storing content that violates third parties intellectual property rights, for instance, trademark, patent or copyright infringements.

Subscribers of Internet Vikings hosting services are prohibited from storing or posting adult content, or links to adult content, through the subscribed service. All material of pornographic nature is considered adult content. Internet Vikings will also, at its sole discretion, terminate the service without prior notice if content or communication is posted that is threatening, racist or intolerant.

We like to think we get it right all the time, every time but the truth of it is everyone gets it wrong from time to time. We can only improve on our services with valid feedback from you, our customers. If you wish to make a complaint about a service you have received, please submit an email to us at including as much detail from the issue you have.
We will acknowledge your complaint within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues within 5 business days. If you’re not happy with the initial outcome of your complaint, then please escalate your issue to

11. Contract period

These general terms and conditions apply from the time they are accepted to the time that any of the parties terminates the use of the Service. The User may terminate the Service without notice. When the contract is terminated, the User loses access to the Service. These general terms and conditions may be altered and updated over time and shall be accepted by the User before use of the Service can be continued.

Please contact us using one of the contact methods below. We will to respond to all points of contact within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues you have within 5 business days.

If you want to purchase a .UK domain you need to accept Internet Vikings General Terms and Condition