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Welcome to the latest and greatest in the iGaming industry. Since the Supreme Court ended the ban on gambling 3 years ago, almost 2 dozen states have already opened their doors to online gambling.

This is your chance to share in the immeasurable potential of what is destined to become the global iGaming hotspot. With secure and reliable bespoke solutions for licensed hosting in the USA, Internet Vikings is your safest bet.


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Ahead of the game – just a few reasons to choose Internet Vikings

Trustworthy and compliant hosting in the U.S.

As a front-runner of iGaming hosting in the U.S., Internet Vikings has all the required licenses in place in order to be your fully compliant hosting provider

Boots on the ground - our presence in the U.S.

Internet Vikings has a strategically-placed office in New York from which to help you to set up and expand in this blossoming market. Our experts are at your side and ready

Our data centers - East coast to West coast

Extending our reach, we have data centers in Oklahoma, Michigan and West Virginia, and others expected by 2022 in all compliant states, such as New Jersey, Tennessee, and Indiana

Tailoring at its finest

Entering the U.S. iGaming market can be confusing due to a variety of state-specific requirements. Internet Vikings can tailor your platform with precision to suit all regulations

Global experience and reliable know-how

Internet Vikings has established itself as a leading global authority and the most reliable iGaming hosting provider to help you to set up in the U.S.

Dedicated attention for every customer

Unlike many other providers, we will give you our expert attention regardless of the size of your business

We provide licensed hosting in Michigan & West Virginia

with significant expansion coming during 2021



per month (first 6 months)


per month (following months)

CPU: 24 cores
RAM: 64 GB
Storage: 500 GB
Bandwidth included: 50 Mbps

West Virginia


per month (first 6 months)


per month (following months)

CPU: 24 cores
RAM: 64 GB
Storage: 500 GB
Bandwidth included: 50 Mbps

In addition you will get

· Extended SLA
· Firewall

FAQs about taking your place in the U.S. iGaming Market

What is the quickest way to get into the U.S. market?

This depends on your company's specific licensing requirements as well as the paperwork and background checks involved. Vendor registration takes less than 30 days; tentative service provider licenses can be issued in as little as 3 or 4 months and tentative operator licenses in 6-8 months.

Will data transfer be covered under the Privacy Shield?

Privacy Shield doesn’t apply in this case as all players' data and bids have to be stored in a licensed facility in-state

Which are the easiest states to get started in?

The best 'entry level’ states for iGaming providers in the U.S. are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa and Colorado. They offer the highest correlation between revenue and the number of licensed casinos and sports books on offer

Can I use AWS for cloud hosting everywhere in the U.S.?

Unfortunately not. Cloud hosting is not legally permitted in any of the states, and servers with players' data and bids have to be located in-state, in a licensed facility serviced by licensed personnel

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