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With enormous potential, Asia is expected to become one of the upcoming powerhouses of the iGaming industry.

Internet Vikings has its finger on the pulse with data centers in Singapore and Taiwan. With our in-depth understanding of the unique regions which have different social and regulative approaches, we will help you to prosper in the East.


Global experience and know-how

After 12 years of providing secure and reliable iGaming-tailored cloud hosting services in regulated jurisdictions worldwide, Internet Vikings will help you to flourish in Asia, with cutting-edge solutions

State-of-the-art solutions

Offering improved performance by ensuring redundancy and more direct connectivity options for latency-sensitive customers in ASEAN countries who are looking for higher bandwidth

Concrete support

With our data centers in two strategic jurisdictions of this continent, Singapore and Taipei, we are at your side and ready to show you how

Adaptable scalability to help you cope

Internet Vikings' cloud service allows you to scale your environment up and down as needed, to cope with extra load and peaks, or when your business is growing

The best in bandwidth

Internet Vikings can offer your business Transit Premium bandwidth in China

Count on us for rapid and reliable support

When it comes to highly-skilled NOC and premium customer care, our reputation precedes us

Asia in the palm of your hand - trust Internet Vikings

Vikings VMware Cloud


per month

  • CPU: 16 Cores

  • RAM: 32 GB

  • Storage: 512 GB SSD

  • Extras

    1Gbit Bandwidth; 10Gbit Flatrate

Vikings VMware Cloud


per month

  • CPU: 24 cores

  • RAM: 64 GB

  • Storage: 500 GB

  • Bandwidth: 50 Mbit

  • Extras

    Extended SLA; VPN; Firewall

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