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Dedicated Servers for Sports Betting and iGaming in the U.S.

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    Dedicated Hosting
    in the U.S.

    Internet Vikings provides customer tailored hardware that complies with gaming licensing regulations locally and globally.

    We are Proud to be Trusted
    350+ Clients
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    Why Choose Internet Vikings?

    Dedicated Resources
    for Optimal Performance and Stability

    High-Speed Network Connectivity
    for Fast Data Transfer

    Robust Disaster Recovery
    and Business Continuity Solutions

    Dedicated Account Managers for Personalized Support,
    and 24/7 Monitoring and Technical Support

    Scalable Resources to Accommodate Demands

    Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

    Rapid Deployment and Setup Process

    High Availability and Uptime SLAs

    Internet Vikings - Dedicated Hosting - Data Centers in the U.S.

    Our Guarantee

    With our powerful and reliable infrastructure, you can expect optimal performance and stability for your critical operations. Our dedicated resources ensure that you have full control and flexibility over your server environment. We prioritize security and data protection, implementing robust measures to safeguard your valuable assets.
    Our 24/7 monitoring and technical support team is always available to address any concerns and provide timely assistance.

    Choose your Setup

    Customizability is a key feature of our dedicated server hosting. We offer a range of server configurations to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to tailor the resources to match your needs precisely.
    Seamlessly integrate with iGaming platforms and betting software, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience.

    “Rest easy knowing that your data privacy and protection are of utmost importance to us. Choose our dedicated server hosting to power your iGaming and sports betting applications with confidence and reliability.”

    Victor Jerlin | CTO & CISO at Internet Vikings

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