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Cybersecurity for Sports Betting & Online Casino Operators

Is your online gaming and sports betting business fully protected against malicious cyberattacks and security breaches?
The ever-growing threat of DDoS attacks and ransomware has put tech departments on high alert, leaving many concerned about their readiness to withstand such attacks.
It’s time to ensure your business is equipped with the right preventive and recovery strategies.

What you will Discover


U.S. iGaming & Online Sports Betting Market - B2B Platform Providers Webinar - Cybersecurity for Sports Betting & Online Casino Operators​ - How to Fast Track to Success in the U.S. iGaming Market​ - Rickard Vikström​

Rickard Vikström

Founder and CEO at Internet Vikings

With more than 20 years of experience, Rickard is a true industry expert in various IT fields. He has provided hosting services to iGaming and Sports betting enterprises worldwide, specializing in tailored infrastructure across multiple jurisdictions. 

Internet Vikings - The new era of transferring data. Live with Max Schrems​ - Cybersecurity for Sports Betting & Online Casino Operators​ - Stefan Thelberg​

Stefan Thelberg

Founder and CEO at Holm Security

Stefan Thelberg is a renowned entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert. With 15+ years of experience in IT security sales, Stefan brings valuable insights to help you protect your digital assets.

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