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Internet Vikings has over 10 years of experience of providing Cloud hosting to our customers. It’s a cost-efficient way and function like a physical server. A cloud server is recommended for customers that have a small to medium website(s).
We only use All-Flash Storage to our cloud servers to reduce problems with the load on the hard drive as non-premium providers have when they don’t use Flash storage.

Benefits of Internet Vikings Cloud

We focus our cloud on delivering a fully redundant solution with unlimited scaling capabilities.

Internet Vikings cloud servers cover 80% of the world's population with under 70 millisecond response time.

All Our Cloud servers are handled by our State-of-the-Art All Flash SAN.

Premium Wordpress hosting with extra security features like BitNinja for no extra cost.

Security and Speed

Security and speed are criteria that can’t be ignored. Using a private cloud will increase the security of your data by operating with a dedicated domain name. The advantage of private cloud compared to public one is that private cloud offers the same services of virtual data storing like availability and scalability but adding a tremendous level of privacy, security, and controllability.

Reliable and Flexible

Our private clouds are reliable and flexible. We use the latest technology to provide the best hosting from small to big international companies. All you have to do is to name your companies needs and we will find the best suitable solution for you.

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