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iGaming Hosting: Asia, Americas, India

◦ ISO 27001 certified
◦ iGaming regulations managed in the best way
◦ Over 150 000 IP-addresses provided in all continents
◦ DDOS protected infrastructure
◦ Low latency to key markets


Many iGaming operators want to move from Europe since the market is getting more saturated. Because of political and technological advances, it is now easier for operators to operate in other countries.

The problem!

To have a quick user experience for users all over the world that also handles regulations and compliance from authorities and processing companies.

This together with knowing who has access to your data and extra security layers to protect what you do.

Our solution

Our specialized iGaming cloud hosting helps operators, Payment & game providers and affiliates to have the best setup possible all over the world.

For certain markets like China, we provide premium bandwidth and CDNs

Our solution contains of the following products:

Hybrid Clouds

If you want to use the benefits from having dedicated hardware for processing but be able to scale-out on demand to shared hardware.

Private Clouds

Private cloud is a 100% dedicated cloud for one customer. This is suitable for large operators and game providers that need 100% control over their infrastructure because of regulations or security.

Dedicated Infrastructure

If you don’t want to have a cloud setup we can offer dedicated hardware on all locations.

DDoS protection

We can offer DDoS protection able to handle more than 150 Gbit/s attacks to our customers. This is handled in our main data center in Sweden.

Web acceleration / CDN

If you don’t want to have localized servers we can help you accelerate your websites with the Internet Vikings web accelerator. We have locations in all major continents.

IP-address diversity

IP-address diversity is one of the main focus in emerging markets. Internet Vikings have over 150 000 IP-addresses from all over the world that we use to help our customers. This can also be combined with our DDoS protection service.

Contact us to see how we can help just your company!