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    SEO domain names with the most attractive metrics

    Since 2009 Internet Vikings has been specialized in tracking expired domain names with SEO value. By scanning about 200 000 expiring domain names daily we filter out the best domain names with the most attractive metrics for SEO. We always look for domain names with a good history with trustworthy backlink profile and suitable to building sites for SEO.

    Why shop for expired domains?

    Targeted traffic

    An expired domain name already has a backlink profile and an existing targeted traffic

    Less work to do

    You usually get existing link power with an expired domain name for the same price as with a brand new domain name, but without the hard work

    To be ahead of competitors

    If you quickly want to get ahead of competitors and build an authority site you should invest in expired domain names to lead authority to your main site.

    High efficiency

    Using expired domain names is highly efficient when building your own link network

    Find your SEO domain names in Marketplace

    In our unique tool Marketplace, we have more than 5 000 expired domain names. We present them to all of our members, collecting and compiling all the relevant metrics concerning the link power of the domain names, making your decision a lot easier. Every Monday fresh domain names enter our SEO domain name Marketplace. New domain names are first put out for auction for three days and then moved to Marketplace where they are for sale for a fixed price of €120.

    Marketplace – the online shop for domain names

    Auction every Monday 12:00 – Wednesday 12:00

    Prices start from €120. We have so-called blind auctions, with hidden bids

    Remaining domain names are collected in the Buy-now-market

    Fixed prices vary between €120-200

    More than 7 000 domain names available

    Filters help you find the domain names most fit for your purposes

    And this is how we present the SEO metrics for one of the domain names

    Why buy expired domains from us?

    We have already done all the hard work for you

    Internet Vikings has spent thousands of hours to develop our own internal tools where we collect and compare the relevant metrics to make sure we catch domain names of high quality, suitable for link building.

    Only reliable sources are used for metrics

    When we screen for the best domain names we use evaluation metrics from several authorized and well reputed data providers such as Ahrefs, Majestic and Semrush. Using more than one or two sources means you will get a more accurate picture to base your decisions on.

    You can easily compare domain names

    To give our customers an overview of all the domain names we catch we have created an interface called Marketplace, where all relevant facts about the domain names are presented in a user friendly way.

    Easy process of buying

    When you have decided which domain names you want to buy, you easily do it in Marketplace. All you need is an approved credit amount.

    Contact us now!

    If you are interested in getting access to our Marketplace for expired SEO domain names, please contact us by filling out the form to the right or drop us an email at [email protected] Our sales team is happy to help you get started in Marketplace. Response times are usually within a couple of hours during business hours Central European Time (CET).

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      FAQ regarding Domain names

      How often is the data in Marketplace updated?

      We update the data on a daily basis for domain names that we have bought. For domain names older than one month we do weekly updates and if they are older than three months we update every second week.

      Why are you using a hidden auction?

      Our customers' integrity is always on top of our mind. When you find a good domain name we do not want everybody else to see that this domain name has received a bid. Your knowledge/analysis should belong to you and not be available to others. Also, we want to be able to sell a domain name without showing to whom.

      How old can a domain in Marketplace be?

      We remove domain names when they have been in Marketplace for nine months.

      Why do you have your own Backlink information?

      It would be too expensive to buy all data from external sources like Ahrefs and Majestic and also, they do not cover smaller countries that well.

      What is Whois protection and why is it important?

      When building a link network, you do not want your competitors to be able to see which domain names you own by using reverse whois services.

      Why not use data from Moz when evaluating domain names?

      We used to have Moz data but noticed that our customers using Moz did not get very good domain names. Moz is alright for evaluation of a US domain name but it does not crawl enough in the rest of the world.