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Migrating from AWS
Why you should do it now

Migrating from AWS? Why should anyone do that? After all, AWS is one of the giants in the world of cloud hosting. But that is precisely the reason why you should consider migrating from AWS or any other giant for that matter. Despite the fact that these companies are perceived as highly reliable because of their popularity and scale, there are some arguments why you should think about moving your website to other providers.

High cost
The number one reason for considering migrating from AWS is high price. Of course, the cost depends on the needs of your website and there are many different pricing plans for various sites at AWS. For example, a highly scalable SaaS application or small startup with an advanced AWS setup with CDN, Caching, database clustering (RDS replication), ELB and multiple web servers could be around $2,000–$3,000 USD per month. Furthermore, bandwidth and I/O prices are pretty high at AWS and GCE. It is charged on a Pay-As-You-Go basis and is calculated on actual bandwidth usage. AWS bandwidth charges ($0.15/GB), and GCE ($0.14/GB). So, for example, one terabyte of bandwidth will cost you $150 and $140, respectively.

Lack of customer care
Another important argument in favour of migrating from AWS is lack of customer support. Don’t get me wrong, AWS provides legitimate customer care, but since the company is so big, potential issues may arise. For businesses searching for hosting solutions, it is always a good idea to choose providers that are comparable in size. This way you can be assured that as a client you will be treated decently. Big companies tend to focus on big clientele, whilst smaller businesses may not receive sufficient customer support in the moment of distress. Here’s a good example of such a case.

Legal issues
Privacy Shield is down and this fact makes migrating from AWS even more sensible. On the 16th of July 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union declared that Privacy Shield did not provide enough protection for transferring personal data between the EU and the US.  Since many companies store their data in one of the American cloud giants, AWS, Google or Microsoft, it is a major issue for their security and overall business operations. In simple terms, it means you should take your data out of the US ASAP.

So why put yourself at risk, when Internet Vikings offer a similar set up at an attractive price. We use Proxmox and VMware hypervisors that allow you to set up new servers in a click of a button regardless of your location.

As a European provider with ISO 27001 certified data centres, Internet Vikings is protected by GDPR, relieving you from worry regarding the legal issues of transferring personal data.

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In conclusion

By migrating from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any other cloud hosting provider to Internet Vikings, you’ll be able to optimize your infrastructure and be in control of your IT environment. Moreover, you’ll receive premium customer care that you’ll love, because at Internet Vikings every client is treated as special, regardless of size.