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    Managed Hosting is your proactive solution

    We help our customers with proactive work of their servers. The proactive work will help you minimize the downtime of your hosting and have a stable website.

    We are specialized in Linux hosting and can handle all from the website with a small number of visitors to large redundant setup on multiple data centers.

    Safe home for your data

    Don't lose your developers time spent on hosting issue. Choose Internet Vikings Managed Hosting and be sure that your data will be available days and nights with high speed, secure and with proactive support.

    Your data is our diamond

    The most expensive diamonds of your company is data. That's why is so important to be totally sure in the place it stores. Internet Vikings will never allow the that your data can be viewed by third parties or, worse, stolen or deleted. Your data is our diamond and will keep it with the highest security.

    Scale your business with best performance

    Your hosting must not be a reason for your business scaling stops. Internet Vikings is your reliable partner in your business and we guarantee that every hosting solution that we provide is easily scalable with the best performance.

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