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How to reduce affiliate dependency

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Want to increase the traffic share to your website?

Every company that acquires customers online should think how to protect brand ranking in order to remain profitable. Otherwise, search traffic by keywords pertaining to your brand will be lost to affiliates. So how to protect your brand if you work on a highly saturated affiliate market such as e-commerce or iGaming? Watch the recording of the webinar to learn how to implement a brand protection strategy.

During this webinar you will learn

How to get higher ROI from ATL investment

How to secure the visibility of a brand in Google

How to retain search traffic by brand keywords

How to mitigate undesired traffic

About the speakers

Rickard Vikström is the founder and CCO of Internet Vikings, Wincher, and Holm Security. At the beginning of his professional career in IT, he was able to identify the need of Internet marketers in special tools that would relieve them of troubles with SEO. His ideas later were embodied in Managed Brand Protection Service from Internet Vikings, a unique product that helps operators to improve their rankings in Google and thus increase traffic.

Currently, Rickard lives in Stockholm with his wife and daughter. Being located in such a strategic place for the industries of IT and iGaming, Rickard is able to efficiently manage operations of his numerous projects and be constantly aware of the latest developments in the sectors.

Eman Pulis is the founder and CEO of SiGMA Group, a gaming and tech events company with conferences across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. In addition to a wealth of experience in event management, Eman Pulis holds a degree in Education with first-class honours, as well as a master’s degree in both diplomacy and creativity & innovation. Mr. Pulis also sits on a number of boards as a senior advisor.

Mr. Pulis currently resides in Manila with his wife and daughter, a central location which allows him to coordinate operations across continents, whilst overseeing the 2021 launch of SiGMA Manila and SiGMA Americas.

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