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How to protect brand with domain names

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Strategy to protect your brand with domain names

Registering and managing brand domain names is a crucial part of effective business scaling. Furthermore, it can save your brand’s reputation from damaging by fraudsters. That’s why investing in the protection of your domain name portfolio is a smart thing to do.
Watch the recording of our webinar during which Rickard Vikström, the founder and the CCO of Internet Vikings, shared his experience in the field of effective domain management and revealed ways of protecting your brand.

From this webinar you’ll learn how to

do a cost-efficient domain name management

acquire names currently registered by someone else

resolve disputes

evaluate and use data to find and procure domains

monitor your competition activities

handle regulations upon registration

About the speaker

Rickard Vikström founded Internet Vikings in 2008. Since then the company has become one of the biggest domain names registrars in Europe. Rickard and his team have helped hundreds of customers to protect their brands with domain names all over the world. Being actively involved in this business for more than a decade, Rickard knows pretty much everything about efficient domain management.