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Internet Vikings has over the 10-year long history of buying and handling of domain names. We are helping our customers with domain names management and drop catch of expired domain names in over 60 ccTLDs.

Our domain names Success Team will help you both with purchasing domain names for brand protection or for SEO efforts. Our Domain name management platform is built solely for B2B customers with higher standards then mass-market domain names registrars.

This is how we do it

When Internet Vikings has bought the domain names that are suitable we want all our customers to have the same chance to buy the right domain name. That is why we put them into our tool Marketplace. With access to Marketplace, you can shop for domain names whenever you want, at a fixed price.

Every week we arrange an auction where the most recently caught domain names are presented. The auction runs from Monday at noon until Wednesday at noon. In the auction, you have the possibility to place a closed bid on the domain names of your interest. The highest bidder wins the auction and no one knows who the winner of a specific domain name is.


At Internet Vikings we have our own crawler which we use to find all domain names in the world. We have around 350 millions of unique domain names in our database.

Automated review

When we know what domain name will be expiring the following weeks we start collecting data from both internal and external sources to be able to evaluate domain names. In this stage of the process, we use filters so that we do not have to check all expiring domain names manually.

Catch domain

One part of the process which we have put the most work into is the drop catcher. We have worked over 10 years to build a drop catcher for 60 different countries and equally as many different ways of dropping domain names.


All remaining domain names which are not sold in the auction go into our buy-now-market where they can be bought at any time for a fixed price.

Expiry date Checker

To know when a domain name is expiring we have our own crawlers to check all domain names in the world on a monthly basis to see when they drop.

Manual review

We have our own in-house review team that evaluates domain names and tries to get the best of them for you.


Each week there is an auction for all the newly caught domain names, which usually includes up to 200 of them.


Once a domain name is bought in our Marketplace it can easily be renewed in our Control panel.

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We at Game lounge have used Internet Vikings for hosting of our main affiliate sites for years.

Jonas Cederholm

Game Lounge Ltd

Internet Vikings helps us with a scalable and reliable hosting infrastructure and a domain management platform, with great service and reliability!


Founder & CEO of Pixel Nordic, the leading SEO-agency in the Nordics

Babs Paylink trust Internet Vikings as a hosting provider for our payment solutions since 2010.

Ulrika Högborn

Head of Product operation & IT Babs Paylink AB