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Premium Domain management

Most Domain managed platforms on the market have been built for B2C or SME customers. We at Internet Vikings have spent years to create a domain management tool for the Enterprise segment where we have a close relationship without a large overhead to have competitive pricing.

All our customers have a credit line so you won’t miss renewals just because of an expired credit card or an email that isn’t in use anymore. We also have dedicated Account managers for all our customers that will help you get the best domains.

Manage your domains easily with Internet Vikings

Your domain will have renewal automatically

You can plan witch domain needs a renewal in advance

You will get the credit if you are too busy to check your domain

You will always have your account manager for support

Are you in stress with renewals?

You are super busy to check the domain renewal and it's happened to be late. Is it a disaster? Not with us! Let the process be controlled by the professionals and you won't lose your domain.

We help our customers to renew domains in over 60 ccTLDs and all transfers of domain names to us are for free.

Contact us!

Contact us to get a full price list and a quote of what we can do with your domain portfolio.


Do I have to take an action to get my domains renewed?

No, All our domains are on auto renew as default so you won’t miss any renewals.

What happens with my domains if I don’t have money on my account?

All Internet Vikings customers have a credit line and we will auto-renew all your domain names.

Who do I talk to if I want to discuss my domains?

All our customers have a dedicated account manager to handle their domain names.

I have a technical question about my domains, who should I talk to?

Please contact our support at and they are able to help you!