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Content Sites – how does it work?

We offer high-quality sites at a low cost and take care of all the site building you need to support your SEO strategy. Building over 500 sites per month, we have an experienced team that can cater for a variety of needs and requirements.

This is how we do it – and this is what you get


Our professional content sites team will guide you in setting topics and make a delivery plan

Site building

We build high-quality websites with unique logotypes and premium responsive WordPress themes

Design and site structure

We provide professional design, relevant content and a natural site structure

Multilingual content

Content sites can be offered in more than 50 languages


At Internet Vikings, we have specialized in finding the very best domain names in terms of link power. We recycle them by building sites with new, relevant content that matches both your purpose and the previous history of the domain name. In this way, you get the benefits of already existing link power to support your brand and reach a better ranking on search engines.

The process

A Content Sites project takes between 9-12 weeks, from project start to final delivery. Duration depends on the number of sites ordered.

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