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    Running a small online store or a large platform?
    We have solutions for every business.

    Cloud Servers from Internet Vikings is a cost-efficient and secure option with the possibility of instant scaling when you need it most. Set up a new server within seconds with VMware Cloud Director.


    Store your data securely

    Since the Schrems 2 ruling of the EU's Court of Justice, storing data in the U.S. cloud provider may become a major security issue for European companies.

    According to American legislation, the U.S. authorities have the right to request personal data and other data from the U.S. cloud service providers in case of suspicion of a crime. This applies even if this data is stored outside the U.S., for example within the EU, which is a direct violation of European GDPR.

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    By moving your data from AWS, Azure, or any other US-based
    cloud provider to Internet Vikings, you get:

    · Full compliance with GDPR
    · ISO 27001 data-centres in strategic locations
    · Minimal latency to key markets

    Cloud hosting_data centres Internet Vikings

    Cloud Hosting in the U.S. and Canada

    Cost-effective, high performance and trustworthy - get on top of the game in the U.S. and Canada with our Cloud Hosting offers.

    Cloud Hosting in Colorado

    Address: Denver, CO, 80203
    Datacenter status: Live since January 2022

    Cloud Hosting in Arizona

    Address: Phoenix, AZ, 85021
    Datacenter status: Live since March 2022

    Cloud Hosting in Indiana

    Address: Carmel, IN, 46032
    Datacenter status: Live since December 2021

    Cloud Hosting in Illinois

    Address: Chicago, IL, 60610
    Datacenter status: Live since January 2022

    Cloud Hosting in Connecticut

    Address: Stamford, CT, 06902
    Datacenter status: Live since March 2022

    Cloud Hosting in Ontario, Canada

    Address: North York, ON M3C 1Z4
    Datacenter status: Live since March 2022

    Cloud Hosting in Europe

    We offer top-of-the-range cloud hosting in Europe with our GDPR-compliant servers located in Amsterdam and Stockholm, providing redundant backup storage - saving you time and money. Count on Internet Vikings' Cloud hosting.

    Cloud Hosting in Malta

    We offer a 1-click set up with all you need for scalable infrastructure and the finest redundancy and security implementation in Malta at unbeatable prices. Our replication server in Malta will give you the lead that you need.

    Cloud Hosting in LatAm

    Cloud Hosting with effective IT infrastructure in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Bogota, Colombia, guarantee your company's high-level performance optimization.

    Cloud Hosting in Asia

    With a score of 99.999% uptime, take advantage of our Cloud hosting options. We have data centers in both Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan waiting to host and boost your business.

    Customer care you will love

    Complete check-ups and full scan of your servers to detect malware and ensure only up-to-date configurations.

    Our Support is here for you 12 hours a day on weekdays and 6 hours a day on weekends, 7 days a week. 24/7 hotline under Extended SLAs.

    Implementation of optimal technical solutions to decrease latency, improve speed and configurations.

    Server uptime monitoring 24/7 and downtime reports upon restoration.

    Hassle-free migration for your website

    We will guide you step-by-step through this process:

    · Transfer the website entirely with all the data required
    · Create DNS zones for the domain names and point them accordingly
    · Assist with bulk migrations or from different hosts
    · Install SSL certificates if necessary to complete the setup

    Our happy customers

    We at Game Lounge have used Internet Vikings for hosting of our main affiliate sites for years

    Jonas Cederholm

    Game Lounge Ltd

    Internet Vikings is a Swedish provider with a global presence. They charge for the actual use, which makes it easy to start small

    Patrik Kämpe

    CTO Phyron

    Internet Vikings helps us with a scalable and reliable hosting infrastructure and a domain management platform


    Founder & CEO of Pixel Nordic

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