Brand Sites

Brand Sites

Brand Sites

Additional products that we provide are the so-called Brand Sites. A brand site is a website that typically has the appearance of a main site, but is built to handle brand reputation by pushing out unwanted competition on brand protected keywords.

A brand site could best be described as an extension of your brand, regarding graphic design and overall impression, but with a much simpler content. The purpose of the brand site is mainly to lead your visitors through to your main site and thereby strengthen your SEO through the links.

When do you need Brand Sites?

This kind of website can be a useful tool if your competitors outrank you on brand related keywords that in fact should be more significant for your business, as your brand name or brand protected product names. This could be the case if you are in a line of business were competition is tough and where many actors fight about the limelight using your brand name or keywords related to your brand name.

Building Brand Sites on expired domain names

In order to build a link network to improve your SEO results you need SEO domain names to build content sites on. Preferably domain names with a previous history of strong link metrics. Read more about our Marketplace where we have more than 5 000 SEO domain names for sale.

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