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    Lightning-fast API to power up your backlink research​

    Backlink API has been developed to be simply integrated into any application or widget. From competitor analysis to backlink trends – the most comprehensive SEO data at your fingertips.

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    Offer more to your customers with
    Backlink API

    · Get backlink profile of any website
    · See all websites referrings
    · Identify low-quality backlinks
    · Know when you lose or gain links
    · Collect backlink anchors
    · See search rank of any domain
    · Find new & lost referring domains

    Key facts and figures

    · Indexing 100 billion pages a month
    · Covering 99% of all generic and country-code TLDs
    · High quality: no duplicates, redirect chains or spammy links
    · Developer friendly responses in JSON or Python

    Over 30 highly effective endpoints to power up your solution

    Page rank

    Page strength of any domain

    Referring domains

    Number, authority

    Referring IPs

    Precise number of IPs

    Number of backlinks

    Follow or nofollow


    Country, city, referring domains/links

    Link types

    Text or image

    Anchor text

    Only or mostly text, only or mostly images

    Server responses overview

    200, 301, 302, 400, 500, other

    Linked pages

    Backlinks refer to these pages

    Outgoing links

    Page title, anchor text, target url

    Expand domain coverage

    Get access to web data of all gTLDs and ccTLDs around the world and increase the quality and scope of your research.

    Stay ahead of your competitors

    Why purchase data from the industry giants which helps them to grow bigger and push you out? Stay ahead of the crowd with Backlink API.

    Save resources

    Increase your efficiency and reduce the time and effort spent on crawling. Our in-house team will take care of every little detail.

    Try us out with a free test account

    Take our API for a test drive. We'll proceed to the agreement only if you are completely satisfied with the quality of data delivered.

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    Our experts will share how to use Backlink API to get the maximum benefit from it for your business needs. Leave your contacts in the form and we will contact you shortly.

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