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Powerful API for easy data integration

Any level of customization

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Backlink API is designed for companies dealing with

· Rank tracking
· Keyword research
· Link building tools
· Backlink analysis
· Content optimization

Large database and convenient format

· Over 40K requests per second
· 4 billion pages crawled and parsed daily
· Data source update - every quarter
· Developer friendly responses in JSON format

Various backlink parameters to find the information needed

Page rank

Page strength of any domain

Referring domains

Number, authority

Referring IPs

Precise number of IPs

Number of backlinks

Follow or nofollow


Country, city, referring domains/links

Link types

Text or image

Anchor text

Only or mostly text, only or mostly images

Server responses overview

200, 301, 302, 400, 500, other

Linked pages

Backlinks refer to these pages

Outgoing links

Page title, anchor text, target url

Analyze data

Track your performance, as well as the performance of your competition with any analytical dashboard you're accustomed using.

Combine data

Add our data to the information you have from other backlink indexes to avoid data gaps in your backlink profile.

Request data

We are ready to go the extra mile for you. Order as many data rows as you need and we will provide a custom solution for you.

Transparent pricing

No additional charges


€ 249

5,000,000 rows per month


€ 499

20,000,000 rows per month


€ 1,499

50,000,000 rows per month

Try us out with free test account

Take our API for a test drive. 5000 requests for free during the trial period. We'll proceed to the agreement only if you are completely satisfied with the quality of data delivered. No risks - only benefits.

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