This is how we do it – and this is what you get


  • You buy the desired domain names from Marketplace, which is our own tool
    especially developed for evaluating and shopping domain names
  • Our professional content sites team will guide you in setting topics, link schedule
    and delivery plan
  • You get high quality websites with unique logotypes and premium responsive
    WordPress themes
  • We provide professional design, relevant content and natural site structure
  • Content sites can be offered in more than 50 languages


Through the use of Content Sites you will get that extra boost to your off-page SEO.

However, as this is a long-term measure it may take up to nine months before you see the results. On some occasions you might end up only maintaining your ranking positions, despite your efforts. This is likely to happen in highly competitive industries where your competitors also put some serious time and money into their SEO. In those situations you might have to settle with just keeping up with the rest and maintaining status quo rather than doing big leaps in ranking positions. Conclusion being that all businesses that depend on being found on the internet are required to engage in SEO work.