IP proxy

IP Proxy

We provide proxies in bulk, batches of 100 IPs. You utilize the IPs through our proxy cluster, on squid software, which is redundant and spread over 12 servers in North America and Europe. The burst speed of up to 2Gbps is impressive and handles even the most demanding peaks during the day. The bandwidth is a generous number of 20GB per IP address and month.

For any custom software of the client we provide both virtual and dedicated servers capable to meet your demand.

IP adresses

Internet Vikings holds a large number of Ipv4 and IPv6 addresses. About 160 000 IPs in 35 A classes, 70 B classes and 1200 C classes. The geographic location is a mix of US and the European countries. Thanks to the wide spread in C classes and geo location these are especially useful to perform online activity in a large scale. Such SEO hosting, internet crawling or geo location services to mention a couple of areas in where we supplies.

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